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May 20, 2024

Weekly Crypto Recap (May 12th - May 19th)

Here's a weekly recap from Metaverse.SG, highlighting the most notable crypto events this week:

  • Market Overview
  • Restaking Market Overview
  • NFT Market Overview
  • Blast delays Airdrop
  • Notcoin Launch
  • Multiple Airdrops Distribution
  • Free Airdrop Guides

Let’s dive headfirst into the main crypto news of this week!

Market Overview



  • ETF Bitcoin Flow:
    • Monday: +1053.8 BTC (+$66,000,000)
    • Tuesday: +1623.79 BTC (+$100,510,000) 
    • Wednesday: +4600.68 BTC(+$302,970,000)
    • Thursday: +3927.22 BTC (+$257,340,000)
    • Friday: +3313.56 BTC(+$221,540,000)




  • SEC will decide on the spot ETH-ETF this week, says the president of ETF Store.


Restaking Market Overview

This week, we have posted a review of the NFT market in our X, you can see it in the thread below👇


NFT Market Overview
This week, we have posted a review of the Restaking market in our X, you can see it in the thread below👇


Blast delays Airdrop

  • The Blast airdrop is now set for June 26, despite originally being scheduled for late May.
  • There will be two final Dapp Gold distributions before the airdrop.


Following this news, opinions were split:

  • Some were concerned that the value of GOLD dropped due to increased supply.
  • Others were pleased, seeing it as more time to farm airdrops.


After the delay announcement, many asset prices rose as users who sold before the airdrop ended bought back to continue farming for another month.

  • $PAC: +55% in a few days


  • Captain & Company NFT: +120% in a few days



Notcoin Launch

  • Notcoin has become the most hyped project recently, even surpassing Stepn in buzz since 2021.
  • It's also the most successful launch on the TON blockchain. 

With simple tap mechanics, Notcoin listed on top exchanges like Binance and OKX. At launch, it boasted a $1B market cap with all tokens Community distributed. 

NOT's daily trading volume exceeds $150 million.

Following its successful launch, many projects are attempting to replicate Notcoin's success. Some, like Blum, backed by $15M and Binance Labs, are notable examples.



Multiple Airdrops Distribution:



Scroll Marks were accrued for on-chain activity from Oct 10 through Apr 29.

Marks were allocated for:

  •  Bridging $wstETH
  •  Bridging $wstETH
  •  Bridging $STONE
  • L1 gas wastage

Extra Marks awarded for gas expenses over $5.

The developers have stated that earning Marks will now be more challenging and task-based.





Users earning over 250 XP on Holograph qualify for the airdrop.


  • Total Supply: 10B $HLG.
  • Initial Supply: 15.25%.
  • Community: 10%.
  • First airdrop: 5%.


Read about tokenomics in our article.

Key detail: the drop is exclusive to Bybit's ByStarter.

To participate, pass KYC on Bybit, maintain a $100 balance, and connect an eligible wallet (with $100 blocked).


📆 Registration deadline: May 23.

Drops will be credited to your account on the exchange after May 23rd.



Free Airdrop Guides

Our good friend 0x_Doomer has agreed to share his threads with us. You can access these airdrops at no cost.

1. Param Labs

Param Labs is a AAA game and blockchain development studio, dedicated to delivering top-quality blockchain-integrated games to a global audience.

  • Param Labs has raised $7M in funding from Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital, and others.




​Nexis Network is the new L1, which is faster and cheaper than even Solana

  • ​The team has raised $4.5 million of investment in a seed round. There may be more rounds in the future.


3. Farkaster

Farcaster is an innovative, open-source, decentralized social network that is supported by Vitaliy Buterin and many other famous personalities and projects.

  • Farcaster has raised 30 million from a16z, Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures and others.



Initia is an interoperable network using MoveVM compatible with Cosmos' IBC protocol.

Furthermore, Initia's architecture enables L2s to utilize EVM, WasmVM, or MoveVM while facilitating seamless messaging and bridging between them.

  • Initia has raised $7.5M from Binance Labs , Delphi Digital and other funds.



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