Nov 18, 2022

As Airdrop Speculation Heats Up, Arbitrum Sees a Spike in Activity

Ethereum's layer-2 scaling solution As rumors of an impending airdrop increase, Arbitrum experiences a boom in user engagement.

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Delphi Digital has been keeping tabs on Arbitrum since August, and every month since then, they've released a market report that reveals how user behavior and historical analyses point to an exponential growth in transactions, total value locked, and daily active users at Arbitrum-based platforms.

In the last 30 days, Arbitrum has earned $1,000,000 in fees, an increase of 134.41%. The increase in fees also increased the 30-day revenue for the Arbitrum protocol by 46.91 percent. Arbitrum is the ninth most lucrative DeFi protocol, bringing approximately $240,000 in annual income.

There has been a huge increase in the amount of speculation made about the Arbitrum token airdrop. The inciting incident was a tweet by Steven Goldfeder, co-founder of OffchainLabs and the brains behind Arbitrum.

The community's desire to maximize their odds of getting the airdrop contributed to a rise in Arbitrum use.

The community is interested to see how Arbitrum will carry out a token airdrop, and the possibilities of one happening at any point aren't diminished by the rocky start of a similar project by Optimism, a competitor of Arbitrum.

According to the report, the number of weekly active users on the Offchain Labs platform increased in the month of October. From October 10 to now, a total of 282,000 people have used it on a weekly basis, an increase of 125%.

In spite of this, on November 13, Arbitrum had 27,714 DAUs, whereas Optimism had 31,117 DAUs.

Delphi Digital said on November 8 that the volume of daily transactions processed by Arbitrum and Optimism together exceeded 400 thousand.

According to the latest numbers, 62% of all weekly Ethereum transactions are currently hosted on Arbitrum. In comparison to other layer-2 options, Arbitrum has the highest locked total value at $2.61 billion.

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