May 31, 2023

Ashley Crossland: The Unexpected NFT Success Story in Welsh Art Scene

In an extraordinary twist, graphic artist Ashley Crossland, based in Cardigan, Ceredigion, has rapidly risen to become one of the top-selling artists in Wales, with his digital artwork grossing nearly £500,000, or $618,001. This remarkable sale comprised a unique collection of 7,200 designs, each sold as a non-fungible token (NFT).

The unexpected success of Crossland's endeavor is centred around a series of personified stags, sold in exchange for Cardano, with the uniqueness of each artwork guaranteed.

Drawn to the intersection of technology and art, Crossland was intrigued by the potential for digital collectibility within the NFT domain. His journey began by posting illustrations of humanoid deer in online communities, which quickly gathered momentum and evolved into a successful project.

NFTs reshaping the art market

Following a two-day sale in late March, individual artworks from Crossland's series have been resold for as much as $8,030 in Cardano, highlighting the fascinating dynamics of the digital art marketplace.

NFT Art: A revolution or a fleeting trend?

Artist and lecturer in graphic communication design at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Carol Breen, reflected on the split opinion regarding NFTs within the art community.

While some artists embrace it as a novel way to engage new audiences and retain copyright ownership, others perceive NFTs as a strategy by large corporations to entice people into these emerging art markets, which remain out of reach for most artists and the general public.

A joint endeavor: The fusion of Art and Fantasy

Crossland's journey to success was a collaborative effort. Working with him was Jameel Sandham, the project’s writer, who developed the series further by creating backstories and a fantastical universe for the characters.

Spurred by their immense success and the supportive community, Crossland and his team plan to expand the concept. They aim to construct a fantasy world that engages millions through a mix of literature, art, and interactive web experiences, ushering in a thrilling era in the evolving NFT art landscape.

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