Sep 21, 2022

'BNV World' Is A New Metaverse By BNV Digital Fashion Platform

One of the most difficult difficulties confronting the thriving digital fashion space—characterized as artists and programmers working to clothe the virtual avatars that will come to inhabit the still-nascent metaverse—has been reconciling the goals of both fashion veterans and Web3 pioneers.

Before digging into the topic, we recommend that you read what the Metaverse is, and what modifications were made in Sandbox Season 3.

BNV, a digital fashion company, will unveil the beta edition of its Metaverse, named "BNV World," next month. The Metaverse platform will be specifically designed to exhibit complex and sophisticated digital fashion items to the metaverse's inhabitants.


"The reality is, a lot of brands don’t really look at The Sandbox—or any voxelated environment—as being conducive to fashion," said Richard Hobbs, CEO of BNV. Apart from generating digital fashion goods, BNV serves as a conduit between conventional fashion firms and metaverse design tools, and so offers a solution.

BNV World will be produced utilizing the Unreal Engine, a realistic graphics software tool developed by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite. Hobbs believes that the flexibility of Unreal will be critical in persuading fashion executives who are concerned about the design limits of existing metaverses.


Visitors to BNV World will be able to see fashion goods from various designers in ultra-realistic 3-D. Not only that, but there will be virtual venues and platforms for events and the launching of digital fashion collections. It should be noted that some of the sites will be token-gated, providing NFT holders with varying degrees of accessibility and wearability.

The CEO also thinks that creating a virtual area centered on the aesthetic demands of digital fashion would allow producers to "be a lot more creative and experimental with how fashion can look and be interpreted in the metaverse."

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