Jun 4, 2023

Bored Ape #2758 Makes NFT History: Set to Debut in Mexican Film with Salary Equivalent to SAG

Bored Ape #2758 from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is set to make a groundbreaking appearance in an upcoming movie. The NFT ape, owned by Rzubi.Eth, has secured a movie deal through Pirexia Films, with acclaimed director JM Cravioto at the helm. This marks the first time an NFT actor will be featured in a Mexican film, receiving a salary equivalent to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

Rzubi, who is not only the owner of Bored Ape #2758 but also an Executive Producer at Pirexia Films, shared insights about the film. It is a romantic comedy that follows the journey of a social media influencer who loses her accounts and goes through a breakup, leading her to rediscover life without the constant presence of social media.

In the movie, Bored Ape #2758 portrays the character "Scully Joe," a renowned social media influencer known for hosting extravagant parties. The ape's involvement in the film goes beyond a mere gimmick. It has signed a salary equivalent to SAG and is considered a full member of the movie's cast, enjoying the same rights as other actors. Rzubi expects the film to be ready for release by January 2024, generating much excitement as Bored Ape #2758 prepares to bring its digital presence to the big screen.

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