Jun 2, 2023

EA Sports and Nike Join Forces to Bring Exclusive Virtual Assets to Games

A thrilling collaboration between EA Sports and Nike has been unveiled, promising to introduce exclusive virtual assets from Nike's .Swoosh platform into upcoming EA Sports games. While specific details are currently limited, anticipation is high for the impact this partnership will have on the gaming and virtual fashion realms.

Prepare for an elevated gaming experience as Nike's .Swoosh virtual assets make their way into upcoming EA Sports games.

The partnership will bring a range of exclusive creations, including virtual footwear and apparel, to enhance gameplay.

Despite challenges in the NFT market, .Swoosh's recent release achieved impressive sales.

Prepare to take your gaming experience to new heights as EA Sports and Nike collaborate to integrate exclusive virtual assets from Nike's innovative Web3 marketplace platform, .Swoosh, into upcoming EA Sports games. Although the specific game titles remain undisclosed, this partnership promises to offer an array of remarkable virtual creations, including virtual footwear and apparel.

The groundbreaking collaboration aims to bring immersive experiences and limitless customization to the EA Sports ecosystem. In future EA Sports titles, players and members will have the incredible opportunity to access a curated selection of virtual creations from .Swoosh.

Ron Faris, the General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "Nike and EA Sports are both committed to being innovative, creative, and excellent, and we are thrilled to collaborate." This partnership will bring new and exciting experiences to both the .Swoosh community and the extensive fan base of EA Sports.

Andrea Hopelain, the Senior Vice President of Brand for EA Sports & Racing, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, saying, "At EA Sports, our primary focus is driving the future of sports fandom, and this exciting collaboration with our longstanding partners at Nike perfectly embodies the convergence of innovation, sports, and culture."

This partnership between Nike and EA Sports brings to life Nike's vision of utilizing their virtual apparel not only in video games but also in "other immersive experiences." The recent NFT release by .Swoosh achieved impressive sales, surpassing $1 million, despite challenges faced by the NFT market and slower sales overall. Notably, the press release from EA avoids explicitly mentioning the term "NFT."

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