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Sep 18, 2022

If You're Unfamiliar With SudoSwap: Welcome A Royalty-Free NFT Marketplace

NFTs trading on controlled exchanges like OpenSea or Rarible may be frustratingly sluggish and unreliable. It's possible that you won't be able to find anybody interested in purchasing your NFT if you try to sell it. There is no guarantee that the NFT you desire will be on sale or that anybody will be interested in the price you're willing to pay. In contrast, buying and selling fungible DeFi coins on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap is always possible.

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With the launch of their decentralized NFT marketplace, Sudoswap, they want to replicate Uniswap for NFTs. Liquidity pools are smart contract containers made up of NFTs and ether, and the platform allows users to construct and trade inside them (ETH). OpenSea stands out as the most notable example of a centralized marketplace that the NFT ecosystem has depended on throughout its history. Now, the decentralized variant Sudoswap is rapidly gaining popularity. Similar to the leading Ethereum DEX, Uniswap, Sudoswap utilizes AMM algorithms and liquidity pools to shake up NFT trading.

NFT markets have long suffered from a lack of liquidity and slippage. The market value of a CryptoPunk is uncertain since its price might fluctuate widely over short periods of time. Sudoswap is an AMM platform that eliminates the need for NFT traders to wait for an offer before making a purchase or a sale. When buyers and sellers combine their cryptocurrency, automated transactions go more smoothly since orders are settled collectively rather than individually.

As of mid-August 2022, the platform's user base and transaction costs had expanded dramatically despite the fact that it had only been live since the beginning of July 2022. 1,200 ETH worth of transactions were processed (about 2 million USD). At the present moment, the overall amount of trade is 24 million US dollars.


  • Sudoswap operates in an on-chain environment.

  • The costs incurred by users are low.

  • Users may choose from several accessible alternatives.

If you have a pool for your NFT collection, you may instantly sell your NFT into the pool for ETH, which is the major benefit of using Sudoswap. However, you may not always obtain the price you want, thus it might not be the best choice for really rare and expensive NFTs.

This is due to the fact that the supply and demand equation dictates that the price of NFTs will fluctuate as the number of NFTs in circulation fluctuates. Users acquainted with decentralized exchanges will find the mechanisms familiar, while users used to NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, where the purchase price is determined by the seller, will find the experience highly foreign.

On Sudoswap, users may customize any NFT set by creating their own pools with varying requirements. The bonding curve is one such criterion; it is a formula that estimates the future value of a pool of NFTs based on the prices at which they are sold and bought in the present.

Source: @sudoswap

Fees for using Sudo are often rather modest. In comparison to OpenSea's 2.5%, the trading cost is much lower at 0.5%. However, trade costs may be decided on by pool founders (as in the example above). Unlike other NFT markets, Sudoswap doesn't pay project royalties to NFT creators when their tokens are resold. On OpenSea, for instance, the NFT's original author or artist may be entitled to 5% of all future resales. In contrast to the conventional art market, the original artists may reap the rewards of their work's increased worth thanks to this system. As a result of Sudoswap, owners and dealers no longer have to rely on this advantage to create their own copies.

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