Aug 9, 2023

Mahjong Meta Redefines On-Chain Mahjong Gaming with Official Launch

Mahjong Meta, a pioneering web3 project dedicated to the timeless game of Mahjong, proudly unveils its official game release on August 7th. Following an immensely successful two-month Open Beta phase that garnered high praise from Mahjong enthusiasts, the platform is set to revolutionize on-chain Mahjong gaming through its captivating decentralized gameplay experience.

Introducing Mahjong Meta

A standout feature of Mahjong Meta is its unique offering that allows players not only to participate in matches, including Rankings, Tournaments, and Playgrounds with fellow players, but also to deploy their virtual companions known as "Tamas."

These Tamas, equipped with specially crafted AI strategies, enable automated Mahjong battles. This innovation significantly reduces the learning curve for both newcomers to Mahjong and Web3 enthusiasts, thus enhancing accessibility and enjoyment of the game.

Successful Beta Testing

During the Beta phase, Mahjong Meta witnessed the active engagement of over 15,000 players, resulting in more than 490,000 matches played. These impressive figures highlight the game's widespread acceptance and its growing significance within the crypto gaming realm.

By seamlessly integrating web3 ownership economics with innovative gameplay and sleek design aesthetics, the platform has undoubtedly struck a chord with its audience.

Integral Role of NFT Collections

Notably, during the Beta phase, Mahjong Meta introduced 0xMahjong and 0xTama NFTs. Trading volumes for these NFTs on Opensea reached a notable milestone of 500ETH, showcasing the rising enthusiasm and confidence within the gaming community.

Empowered by a Proficient Core Team

Central to the game's remarkable growth is its proficient core team, composed of experts from renowned gaming giants like Tencent, NetEase, and Lilith. The team's expertise is evident in their work. Brice, the visionary behind Mahjong Meta, emphasized the inspiration drawn from Mahjong's enduring allure.

Transforming a Classic for New Audiences

With a global player base exceeding 600 million, Mahjong's appeal lies in its strategic complexity, mathematical elegance, and deep cultural significance. Mahjong Meta is championing the ethos of "Play to Own & Skill to Earn," with ambitions to create a blockchain-backed realm for Riichi Mahjong esports.

Impressive Investments and Backing

Remarkably, Mahjong Meta's distinctive proposition and promising potential have attracted substantial investments. Leading this effort are esteemed venture capital firms Dragonfly and Folius, both investing in Mahjong Meta's bright future. Other key investors include Meteorite Labs, Find Satoshi Lab, Parallel Ventures, and Emoote, collectively pushing the total investment beyond $12 million.

For dedicated Mahjong enthusiasts, Mahjong Meta offers a promising journey to redefine the Mahjong experience through the Web3 ownership economy.

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