May 30, 2023

Mercedes-Benz Collaborates with Fingerprints DAO and Artist Harm van den Dorpel for Unique NFT Art Collection

Digital art consortium, Fingerprints DAO, has joined forces with Netherlands-based artist Harm van den Dorpel and automotive giant Mercedes Benz to unveil a NFT collection of generative art inspired by automobile concepts. The collection, dubbed "Maschine," is backed by Mercedes-Benz NXT, the automaker's novel Web3 division focusing on virtual experiences and digital collectibles.

The collection, which includes 1,000 unique Ethereum-based tokens, explores themes of speed and perception, with the art resembling a spinning wheel. The Dutch auction for these pieces is set to begin on June 7.

Mercedes-Benz NXT plans to unveil three principal collections, all of which are curated, managed, and conceptualized by creative agency 0xNXT. In addition, the car manufacturer aims to incorporate peripheral and satellite projects into its NFT ecosystem.

Van den Dorpel expressed to CoinDesk that Mercedes-Benz's focus on aesthetics and innovation aligns well with his creation of generative art. He said, "Being invited for this drop and given the trust to produce a truly experimental, generative art piece was an honor."

Luiz Ramalho, the founder of Fingerprints DAO, mentioned that collaborating with Mercedes-Benz NXT merges the realms of traditional art and emergent digital art. He believes this collaboration could attract individuals who are largely unfamiliar with the advancements in the Web3 arena, leading them to appreciate the substance of artwork being created using these revolutionary technologies.

Fingerprints DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, boasts a NFT art gallery curated by a committee elected by the community. Their collection features a variety of irreplaceable and inimitable works, including Autoglyphs by Larva Labs and Loot Bags.

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