Mar 19, 2023

Microsoft Edge Browser May Soon Launch a Crypto and NFT Wallet

Screenshots posted by Albacore on Twitter suggest that Microsoft Edge may be developing a crypto and NFT wallet. The leaked images indicate that Microsoft Edge may create a crypto and NFT wallet that is integrated with security features to protect users from suspicious apps and addresses. The company may provide users with a non-custodial wallet where third parties are excluded from storing private keys and passwords. According to Microsoft, the Edge wallet aims to create an easy-to-use and secure interaction into the crypto industry.

The images show a walkthrough on how users can set secure passwords to the crypto wallet and ways of sending and receiving crypto. However, there is no display of any cryptocurrencies to be supported. Some exchanges, such as Moon Pay and Coinbase, are portrayed as routes for buying and depositing coins. Additionally, coins such as Dai Stablecoin and Ethereum are seen in the screenshots.

There is no information on whether the crypto wallet will be available for public testing or when it will be launched. The disclaimer accompanying the leaked images reads that the project is confidential and should not be disclosed to external parties.

If Microsoft Edge indeed launches a crypto and NFT wallet, it could bring an added layer of convenience and security to users' online transactions. This development could also encourage more mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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