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Jul 14, 2023

The Sandbox Prepares for Major Breakthrough: LAND Owners Can Create and Share Custom Experiences

After years of development and testing, The Sandbox is gearing up to launch its next major breakthrough. This Autumn, the platform will enable LAND owners to deploy their own custom experiences and invite users to engage with their creations.

Moving beyond curated experiences, The Sandbox is opening up its Metaverse to all LAND owners, allowing them to publish their own voxelated experiences within the virtual world. This fulfills the platform's vision of creating a highly immersive environment driven by user-generated content.

Currently, users can utilize The Sandbox's no-code game maker to build their own voxelated microcosms. They can then link these creations to their privately owned LAND parcels and set up dedicated web pages that can be customized with images and videos.

Once the publishing feature is live, LAND owners will have the option to request early access, positioning themselves as pioneers within The Sandbox's ever-evolving metaverse.

This marks another significant milestone for The Sandbox, which has steadily progressed in its mission to revolutionize the open Metaverse. Starting with LAND sales, the platform has evolved into a deeply immersive virtual empire. Alpha seasons over the past year and a half have allowed the platform to test its features and showcase its potential. Now, with user-generated content, The Sandbox has the opportunity to come alive with vibrant ideas from its community.

With LAND prices currently at an all-time low of 0.23 ETH, there has never been a better time to get involved and start building in The Sandbox.

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