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Jun 10, 2024

Weekly Crypto Recap (Jun 2th - Jun 9th)

Here's a weekly recap from Metaverse.SG, highlighting the most notable crypto events this week:

  • Market Overview
  • Floor Protocol Attack
  • Biggest BTC network airdrop
  • ZkSync confirmed airdrop
  • Free Airdrop Guides

Let’s dive headfirst into the main crypto news of this week!

Market Overview



ETF Bitcoin Flow:

  • Monday: +1520.65 BTC (+105,120,000)
  • Tuesday: +12497.36 BTC (+$886,750,000)
  • Wednesday: +6890.20 BTC (+$448,240,000)
  • Thursday: +3055.40 BTC(+$217,780,000)
  • Friday: +1889.79 BTC (+$130,990,000)


  • Global Spot Bitcoin ETFs now hold over $70B in BTC. That's 5% of the BTC supply



  • The approval of the ETH-ETF resulted in $3B in ETH withdrawals from various exchanges.

Floor Protocol Attack

It all began when Floor Protocol announced its v2 transition, prompting major liquidity providers to withdraw their assets and leading to "thin pools".

After announcement, there is almost no liquidity on the platform, leading to extremely high APYs in the pools.

The attacker took advantage of the lack of liquidity and used first wallet to push down the Oracle price.

First wallet - "0x2A92bFdA06f56d95e0756deEE005CE203d7C0337"

Then used his second wallet to borrow a large $μBAYC loan from ParallelFi and μBAYC tokens were immediately redeemed into BAYCs throw Floor Protocol.

Second wallet - "0xDA05f6e8ECdaC56b7A208EAf000fABEB4b001949"

Afterward, the CEO of Floor Protocol suggested it was a "white hacker," noting the involved wallets had numerous links to exchanges like Binance and Kraken. He requested contact via Etherscan Message on Twitter, but received no response.

Team also enlisted SlowMist to investigate, leading to the discovery of the attacker’s old Twitter account.

They also offered a 5000 USDT reward for finding his new Twitter account.

The attacker's old Twitter handle: @baycaytw.

Also, the tone of the team's messages abruptly shifted from kind and positive to threatening, warning of legal action if he did not respond within 48 hours on Twitter.


Biggest BTC network airdrop

$PIZZA has become the largest BTC network airdrop, Unisat Wallet distributing 21M tokens to users.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Interacted with unisat services within 3 months.
  • Hold more than 500 unisat points
  • Interacted with BRC-20 swap mode
  • Unisat OG pass holders

If the user met the criteria, they were eligible to receive an airdrop of 100 $PIZZA tokens. 

Consequently, the value of the airdrop is estimated at more than $120M



ZkSync confirmed airdrop:


According to the latest announcements from zkSync, has revealed the start of a pre-event that has stirred speculation about the imminent launch of a token airdrop.

The announcement was made through platform X, where zkSync urged users to enable notifications and follow the community account ZK Nation, dedicated to developing and protecting the protocol.

Later, the ZkNation account published a link to an article stating that the airdrop checker would be available over the next week.




Free Airdrop Guide from our Friends


Our good friends have agreed to share threads with us. You can access these airdrops at no cost.

1. HyperLane

  • Hyperlane is the first universal and permissionless interoperability layer built for the modular blockchain stack.
  • Fundraising
    • The platform raised $18.5M from major VCs such as Variant, Circle, CoinFund, Kraken Ventures & others.



2. Nodepay

  • Panoptic is the perpetual, oracle-free options protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.
    • The project has raised $141 MILLION in investments from top funds like Coinbase Ventures, HashKey Capital, Jane Street Capital, Zee Prime Capital, etc.


3. Karak

  • Karak is the universal restaking layer powered by the entire cryptoeconomy across every asset and every chain.
    • The project has raised $48M in investments from big names like Pantera, Framework, Coinbase, and Lightspeed.


4. Fuel

  • Fuel Network - this is a modular blockchain with its own programming language, similar to Aptos and Sui.
    • They raised $81.5 million from Spartan Group, Coin Fund, and other reputable funds



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