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Jun 3, 2024

Weekly Crypto Recap (May 26th - Jun 2th)

Here's a weekly recap from Metaverse.SG, highlighting the most notable crypto events this week:

  • Market Overview
  • Roaring Kitty is back in the game
  • Polyhedra vs Zksync
  • Ruslan & LayerZero
  • ZKasino
  • Free Airdrop Guides

Let’s dive headfirst into the main crypto news of this week!

Market Overview


  • ETF Bitcoin Flow:
    • Monday: +333.52 BTC (+23,140,000)
    • Tuesday: +656.21 BTC (+$45,140,000)
    • Wednesday: +415.71 BTC (+$28,320,000) 
    • Thursday: +712.16 BTC(+$48,710,000)
    • Friday: +720.40 BTC (+$48,740,000)


  • The largest Solana wallet (Phantom), now supports the Bitcoin Network


Roaring Kitty is back in the game

The Roaring Kitty(Gamestop trader from 2021) revealed his $180,000,000 GME position 

After the market opened, $GME is trading at $30.5, up 30% since The Roaring Kitty’s post.

He’s up more than $48M on the equity and over $225M on the calls, so his account is probably worth $450M+.

The legend is back!


Polyhedra vs ZkSync


One of the most anticipated projects, ZkSync, announces the release of its token with the $ZK ticker.

Meanwhile, Polyhedron seeks community support but faces backlash due to its poor handling of the airdrop distribution.

ZkSync (Matter Labs) is seeking to register the “ZK” trademark in nine countries.

Finally, Polyhedra changes the ticker from $ZK to $ZKJ.




Ruslan & LayerZero:

Ruslan tops this week's most ridiculous news:

At the Sybil hunting event, a report uncovered 104 wallets from ruslan002.eth to ruslan106.eth, sparking a wave of memes and catching the attention of Layer Zero's CEO.





A month ago, ZKasino launched its network and said it would convert $30 million of bridged ETH into its native token.

  • It was said that the ETH would be returned 1:1 previously

However, this week, an unexpected twist occurred:

  • ZKasino posted a medium link to bridge ETH back at 1:1 ratio.

Some weird things:

  • Only 72-hour window to sign up.
  • They use The founder account as the main communication channel instead of ZKasino.



SEI Airdrop:

SeiNetwork announced a second Airdrop

📊 Airdrop Criteria:

  • Stake 42 $SEI (1 Point)
  • Stake 42 $SEI in pool (1 Point)
  • Hold more than 2 NFTs from top 8 collections (2 Points)

🎁 Reward:

  • 1 point = 200 $SEI (~$100)
  • 2 points = 3000 $SEI (~$1530)
  • 3 points = 6000 $SEI (~$3000)



Free Airdrop Guide from our Friend


Our good friend 0x_Doomer has agreed to share his threads with us. You can access these airdrops at no cost.

1. TEA Protocol

  • Tea Protocol is a decentralized protocol that allows developers to be rewarded for their contributions to software



2. Nodepay

  • Nodepay is the network infrastructure that provides decentralized bandwidth for AI training.
  • By connecting to the Nodepay Network, you will be able to sell your unused internet to AI companies.


3. Blum

  • MetaMask is the leading self-custodial wallet. The safe and simple way to access blockchain applications and web3.
  • MetaMask is trusted by over 100 million people worldwide.


4. CertiK

  • CertiK is a blockchain security firm that combines formal verification with AI technology to provide comprehensive audit services.
  • CertiK has raised a $141 million investment from Coinbase, Sequoia, Binance Labs and others. CertiK has deep partnerships with major exchanges: Binance, OKX, Coinbase.



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