Adidas enters the Metaverse with NFT cooperations



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Now we only hear news about NFT tokens, the digital market literally fills the entire Internet space every day. The time has come for the world-famous sportswear producer to enter the world of endless possibilities that non-fungible tokens open up.

On Thursday, December 16th, Adidas revealed it is entering the Metaverse with Bored Ape, PUNKS Comic and gmoney NFT. On the Adidas mobile app, an article was posted in which the creators reported that Adidas has settled in the Metaverse as a company always at the vanguard of creativity and known for promoting originality and creative ideas. 

The project team is focused on the prosperity of all members of the Metaverse, as a place with great opportunities for self-expression for each of its inhabitants. At the same time, every creator can count on the originality and exclusivity of his imagination and self-expression, as well as the ownership of the ideas, thanks to the use of NFT. 

In the essay, a portion of the Bored Ape Non-Reproducible Token (NFT) was modified to display the iconic Adidas sportswear. The Bored Ape Yacht Club includes more than 10,000 NFTs made on the Ethereum blockchain. In the meantime, gmoney is a remarkable cryptocurrency and NFT influential company that appeared in Fortune NFT 50. Yet, PUNKS Comic integrates the NFT community and material cartoons to create what is named crypto comics. Cointelegraph Research indicates that NFT deals could strike $ 18 billion by the year will end. This makes the field the most withering entertainer in the cryptocurrency world.