Aliens Trippin’ High: rarity ranking and market predictions



Last Updated 

Collection of 5,900 aliens with creative styling and the whole universe of perks for holders.

Public mint 


Start: August 7th

Duration: until the sold out

Supply: 5,900
Type: Paid mint 

Start price: 2,75 SOL

Private Sale 


Start: August 7th

Duration: 1 hour

Supply: 5,900

Type: Paid mint

Start price: 2,4 SOL 

You were able to get WL spot in the meme or fan art contests, also active chat engagers got WL spots too. 

Example of the art (Official Twitter) 

The team behind the collection is an experienced crowd with branding roots. And they will develop a global multi-industrial brand for the collection. Fashion and Cannabinoid spheres are the main aim and soon holders of the pics will get access to unique stores with outstanding pieces of clothes and sorts of Marijuana. 

Team is not doxxed officially but the community is quite big already, active guys from all over the world are participating in the life of the project on Discord and Twitter, a lot of messages and replies, community is really love the idea and art, big name of the influencer world are in the game too. 

Roadmap hasn’t been revealed yet but will be dropped soon and we will see details about fashion and weed orientation. 

Magic Eden data (Magic Eden)

The floor price is close to the mint one now, but rare items can be sold with quite high frames, with the reveal of the roadmap and availability of future perks for holders, which will be presented in clothes, Marijuana and special exclusive activities floor price must rise because of the asset value growth.

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