Animoca Brands Invests in TON Ecosystem and Becomes Top Validator



Key Highlights

  • Animoca Brands emerges as the largest validator for the TON blockchain.

  • The company is investing in GameFi projects based on TON.

  • Animoca Brands is developing an analytical platform for TON applications.

Enhancing the TON Ecosystem

Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands has announced a significant investment in The Open Network (TON) ecosystem. By becoming TON blockchain's largest validator, Animoca Brands aims to actively influence the development and growth of the ecosystem. This move underscores the company's ambition to expand its influence in the blockchain space.

Focus on GameFi and Analytics

A primary focus of Animoca Brands within the TON partnership is the support and funding of GameFi projects built on TON's blockchain technology. Additionally, the company plans to develop a specialized analytical platform for TON applications, further strengthening both parties' position in the blockchain industry.

Strategic Support for TON Play

Animoca Brands intends to provide strategic support to TON Play – an innovative platform that enables developers to create gaming applications within the TON ecosystem and integrate them with the Telegram messenger. This opens up new possibilities for expanding the gaming industry's boundaries.

Animoca Brands' Analytical Dashboard

As part of its strategy within the TON ecosystem, Animoca Brands has also developed its own analytical dashboard. This tool will be a crucial resource for analyzing and monitoring the dynamics of the TON ecosystem's development.

Impact on TON Price

News about Animoca Brands' activities in the TON ecosystem positively impacted the price of the TON coin, which showed a 2% increase in the last 24 hours. This reflects growing interest and confidence in projects associated with TON.


Animoca Brands' investments and active participation in the TON ecosystem highlight the significance of the TON blockchain in the modern digital economy. Known for its innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the company continues to broaden its horizons by investing in the development of new technologies and platforms.

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