Ape Hater Club: rarity ranking and market predictions



Last Updated 

The creators of God Hates NFTs and Sr Bananos created a new collection with the same style and the same mentally ill characters but with monkey mutations. 

Public Sale 


Start: August 8th

Duration: 24 hours

Supply: 2, 178

Type: Paid Mint with few free entries

Start price: 0,25ETH

You were able to get free mint entries spots through special giveaways on social media. Also holders of God Hate NFTs and Sr.Banano could mutate their tokens for free to the apes' condition. For others mint was for 0,25ETH.

Ape Hater Club #3176

The scheme of the most supply is a mutation from previous collections, so you need to be a real OG with first collections from these creators. The idea of the project is absolutely unserious, they don’t want to change the world, they just have a funny time. 

Team of the project is not doxxed and you can see satiric information about the developers on the website. Project is not that active on most social media because of previous bans but they have private Discord for the holders and activity there is absolutely powerful. As they say by themselves they have daily activity which is equal to the annual activity of any other project. Among followers you can see some serious influencers too. Roadmap is presented in a satirical way too with nothing special and useful. 

Project has a lot of potential because of its community and high quality art, possibly with the introduction of some more features for holders value will rise more too. 

Check out this collection and many others in the rarity ranking of our platform here!

Stay tuned and we will provide the further collection’s history on the market.