ApeCoin DAO Special Council Applications are being accepted until November 20th



Ape Improvement Proposals have been accepted by the ApeCoin DAO, setting off the ApeCoin Special Council Election season. Ape holders have until November 20th to submit proposals for up to three additional council members to be elected by January 2023. On November 7th, applications for the ApeCoin DAO's first election began.

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ApeCoin Discourse Moderator River had stated, "The following post is the nomination announcement for the Ape Foundation Special Council posts for the period commencing in January 2023." The Special Council nomination process has begun with this announcement.

At the beginning of this month, the ApeCoin DAO adopted AIP-137 and AIP-138, titled "The Special Council Nomination Process" and "The Special Council Election Process," respectively. Both of these AIPs were written by BTang, a member of the ApeCoin DAO administrative team.

Nominees must provide the following information in order to be put on the ballot. Before having two separate votes in December, the ApeCoin DAO community will meet all of the candidates through their Discourse profiles. The first vote will choose the candidates, and the second vote will determine the Special Council members in January 2023.

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