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Exchange of Indian Cryptocurrencies CoinSwitch, a cryptocurrency exchange, has released a new platform called CoinSwitch Pro, which allows users to trade on several exchanges with only one account. This will allow customers to manage their cryptocurrency holdings across different exchanges in Indian rupees.

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Arbitrage chances may be compared, found, and taken advantage of with the help of CoinSwitch Pro. The CEO and co-founder of CoinSwitch, Ashish Singhal, has spoken out in support of the launch, arguing that the company's research shows that crypto traders in India are presently being neglected by existing offerings.

He said, "CoinSwitch Pro” will assist traders in identifying and exploiting the price movement of crypto assets across several exchanges. He also came to the conclusion that consumers will be able to generate brand new avenues for financial gain.

By the end of March, the cryptocurrency exchange hopes to provide its first product or service that is not based on cryptocurrency. CoinSwitch has been quiet about this new service.

With the present market circumstances in mind, it would seem that crypto exchanges in India are making concerted efforts to broaden their scope of services. The Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX said last week that it would soon support consumers using self-custody wallets to store their cryptocurrency.

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