ConsenSys's data collection practices for MetaMask users have been criticized.



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Criticism has been leveled at Consensys, the New York-based blockchain software business behind MetaMask, for allegedly gathering users' wallet and IP addresses via its blockchain infrastructure service Infura.

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Using Infura as the default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider in MetaMask would result in the collection of the user's IP address and Ethereum wallet address, as noted in an updated privacy policy published by ConsenSys.

As a result of the uproar, Metamask co-founder Dan Finlay took to Twitter: “I think we can get this fixed soon. We are not using IP addresses even if they are being temporarily stored, which they don’t need to be, as we’re not using them for anything.”

MetaMask and Infura do not gather users' IP addresses or Ethereum wallet addresses if the user is connecting to their own Ethereum node or a third-party RPC provider. ConsenSys warned that users' data might be susceptible to the data gathering practices of their chosen third-party RPC provider.

Members of the community are not pleased with ConsenSys's disclosure, which might compromise their personal information. Multiple companies have come forward to say that they are collecting user data, further undermining an already fragile trust structure in the wake of the recent FTX disaster.

After the FTX crash, several web3 companies have come clean to show the community they are trustworthy. Just like ConsenSys, Uniswap has announced that it will be collecting certain off-chain data from user wallets (such as device type, browser version, etc.) in order to enhance the user experience.

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