Decentral Games Gets $1M Worth of $MANA from the Decentraland DAO


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The Decentraland (MANA) Metaverse is mostly driven by the Decentral Games play-and-earn initiative, which accounts for 60% of all activity. Its ICE currency, which is used to purchase its goods, has just received the biggest award in Decentraland's history.


You may wish to read about the latest update of the Sandbox, an alternate virtual world, and get a feel for the concept of Metaverse before beginning this article.


In October of 2021, Decentralized Games released its version of ICE Poker. Tokens may be earned by climbing the leaderboard. They consider the open metaverse to be the natural progression of the web. Decentral Games' long-term goal is to make it possible for everyone to make money playing traditional games like poker.


As Metaverse poker pioneers, Decentral Games received a wonderful opportunity to skyrocket their project. Decentraland DAO is a platform that entitles its users to influence the epic metaverse project’s future. As a result of the vote, a $1 million grant was awarded to Decentral Games. The investment should now help the poker metaverse enable additional stability. Soon they are going to roll out the highly anticipated "Sit ‘N’ Go" tournaments.


Source: gulfcrypto

DG creates games, granting players with economic freedom through self-custody, aligned incentives, and delegation of yield-bearing assets. Right now, this metaverse poker game is one of a few unique projects allowing the players to participate in a virtual economy with societal impact.

Source: Decentral Games

Considering the news that Decentraland landed a $1M grant for this metaverse poker world explorer, DG will be able to provide rewards for the ICE-USDC liquidity pool on QuickSwap. Along with the fully innovative sit-and-go tournament format, this will allow DG to bring an extraordinary experience to its metaverse poker venues. We can also expect to see thousands of new players join the project.


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