DeGods' "Season III" Plans Propel NFT Sales, Trading Volume Soars by 200%



The NFT project DeGods' announcement of its upcoming "Season III" has ignited a surge in its sales, with trading volume spiking nearly 200% in the past 24 hours to reach 1,359 ETH (approximately $2.5 million).

Amid a broader decline in NFT trading volume, DeGods has bucked the trend. Data from the OpenSea marketplace reveals that within the last day, DeGods' trading volume witnessed a remarkable 197% increase, attracting attention with 158 DeGods being purchased. This surge has propelled DeGods to the top position on OpenSea's collection leaderboard.

Despite a drop in the floor price from 8.8 ETH to 7.4 ETH during this surge, the fact that NFTs priced at $13,600 are still in demand even during a bearish market could signal positive sales trends not only for DeGods but also for the NFT sector as a whole.

DeGods' "Season III" announcement introduces plans to expand the collection with 20,000 new artworks. This phase will feature the addition of female profile picture (PFP) options that can be swapped with male PFPs. Moreover, DeGods aims to cater to its community by removing undesirable traits from NFTs and replacing them with fresh ones. The project emphasized that the new traits are carefully curated to align with rarity, provenance, and innovation.

This approach ensures that the collection's integrity remains intact without "dilution." Rather than introducing new tokens, DeGods will enrich each individual NFT with four pieces of generative art. This strategic move addresses concerns often associated with adding new tokens featuring similar artwork, a scenario that can lead to "dilution" within NFT collections.

DeGods outlined that token holders wishing to update their tokens to incorporate the new features will need to spend 333 DUST, the project's native utility token, currently valued at $2.26 according to CoinGecko. The entire DUST token proceeds will contribute to the "Points Parlor" prize pool for Season III holders, creating an engaging environment for games and rewards. Additionally, DeGods assured that the cost of updating tokens will gradually decrease over time, making the transition more accessible for a wider range of holders.



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