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The NFT community generally agrees that Art Blocks is the best place to find generative art NFTs. The Art Blocks platform has produced some of the most expensive NFTs in circulation, with collections like Fidenza generating widespread attention in the NFT market.

The world's crypto-artists are teaming up with the David Bowie Estate to bring the late singer's legacy to life, and Jim Carrey tried his artistic exploration in the recently released collection "Germinations," both of which may stir your interest if you're interested in genuine NFT artistic endeavors.

Because they are produced using a unique generative minting method, Art Blocks NFTs all have a completely unique and unpredictable appearance. Art Blocks NFT projects provide artists and investors a chance to mint their own unique kind of token. The user won't know the actual appearance of the NFT until after it has been minted, adding to the air of mystery. 

Using a wide range of algorithms that enable an independent creative process, generative art NFTs are able to produce original works of art. When creating a work of generative art, a random string of code is utilized as a starting point, making each NFT one-of-a-kind.

The inventor of Art Blocks, Erick Calderon, thinks that when given two similarly priced choices, individuals are more likely to select something customized over impersonal and distinctive over generic. Because of this, generative systems can use artistic methods like photography, GAN, AI, and others that would not be possible otherwise.

New tools that enable the Art Blocks team to produce their very own generated assets have been released by the generative NFT project. Two items, referred to as Art Blocks Engine and Art Block Engine Flex, are listed on the Art Blocks FAQ page.

For on-chain storage of generative assets, the Art Blocks team has utilized a tool called the Art Blocks Engine. The other is Art Block Engine Flex, which will be used to make and store generative artworks off-chain using decentralized storage protocols like IPFS or Arweave.

Using Art Block's smart contracts and rendering infrastructures, third parties or Art Block's partners can build an infinite number of branded generative projects with the help of these engines.

Aside from web3 teams, individuals from a variety of sectors, such as sports, journalism, gaming, fashion, and more, may utilize the Art Block Engine. Making its platform more engaging and interactive has been a top priority for Art Blocks.

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