ENS domain which is called 000.eth was sold for 300ETH


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It is a second place in the history of trading of ENS domains. The 300ETH sum was equal to $316,862 at that moment. And it is not a surprise because the interest in the ENS domain system is growing and growing. 

Someone paid 300ETH for the 000.eth name. Account of the buyer also owns several other ENS domains and several blue-chip NFTs. Domains samantha.eth and samantha-000.eth are owned by the same person too. Speaking about expensive NFTs we can see BAYC #3553 for 115 ETH and Fidenza #299 for 85ETH on this address.  

BAYC #3553 (OpenSea)

The first place in the history of ENS domains selling has been taken by paradigm.eth. It was sold for 420ETH, which was around $1,5M. There were some speculations that said that VC Paradigm bought this domain for itself. But a bit later the venture capital firm clarified that it is not their purchase. 

ENS logo (Coin to Use)

ENS is a system of Ethereum domains which is presented by a simple and catchy system of naming on the ETH blockchain. In simple words it allows users of Ethereum to have a wallet branded name which is memorable and easy to use. It is easy  to remember this name for example and use it for the transactions.