ETH raise makes a toll on blue chip NFT projects



When ETH rises, it usually causes a drop in the price in the Blue Chip sector of NFT, and it doesn’t matter if you are the almighty BAYC or CryptoPunk with the pendant from Tiffany. And now we have such a period where ETH is rising and taking its previous positions from pre-bear market times. 


If you haven't already, you should check out what are y00ts' NFTs and a new model for the NFT market devised by DigiDaiguku, both of which discuss new up-and-coming blue-chip collections.


Additionally, the Moonbirds collection is CCO approved now. That means that all Moonbirds can be used and commercialized by everyone without trouble with copyrights. That’s the pain in the heads of holders because they own one of the most successful NFTs in their wallets, but they can be used by literally anyone and these people will make money without payments to the owners of NFTs.

Monbirds #7816 (OpenSea)

But we can see that OpenSea published a new policy which touches on the terms of stolen tokens, as a result all valuable Blue Chips are growing like hell. And the stolen tokens have gone below the floor price from time to time as a result of new rules on the OpenSea marketplace. Transparency breaks the usual rules of the market. If you have a case of stolen NFT, you can write to the support of OpenSea and the special team will investigate your case. With all tools of the service it is possible to catch bad people.

Official OpenSea Tweet about new policy

So, we can see a kind of unusual situation which shows us an unpredictable part of the NFT market, old rules don’t work now, that means that we are facing something new for the whole industry, new policy of OpenSea will help a lot to the sphere and will make trading healthier and these points are good ones for sure. Transparency always shows true people and fake ones. And those who scam people won’t have an easy life from now on. 

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