Everyrealm Settles Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Lawsuits Amid Allegations Against CEO



Crypto metaverse firm Everyrealm has reached settlements in three sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits that were filed against the company last year.

Teyo Johnson, a former strategic partnerships director at Everyrealm and ex-NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, had alleged that Everyrealm CEO Janine Yorio verbally sexually harassed him and discriminated against him based on race. Johnson's lawsuit included claims that Yorio made comments implying ownership of him and made derogatory remarks about Black employees, including Johnson, among other grievances.

Everyrealm, known for backing by notable celebrities like Will Smith, The Weeknd, and Paris Hilton, refuted the claims, stating that the allegations were baseless.

Recently, Johnson has settled the lawsuit with Everyrealm and issued a public apology, according to the company. As part of the settlement, Everyrealm will pay Johnson $51,456, a far cry from the $1.9 million he initially sought in the lawsuit.

In response to the resolution of the lawsuit, Everyrealm's board of directors released a statement supporting the CEO. They asserted, "Our confidence in Janine Yorio as an ethical and effective CEO has never wavered. The individual behind these claims now openly 'regrets' remarks made in 'the heat of litigation,' a public acknowledgment that the allegations do not reflect Janine's character or Everyrealm's culture."

The company expressed relief at resolving the issue favorably, stating their continued commitment to building innovative solutions for social gamers. The board reiterated their belief in Yorio's leadership and the strength of the business.

Johnson was not the only former Everyrealm employee to file a lawsuit against the company and its CEO. Katherine Yost, the former HR Director, had also alleged discrimination based on her disclosed disabilities and bisexual identity. Yost further claimed that an employee with autism had been referred to as "the team mascot." Additionally, Gatsby Frimpong, a former product manager at Everyrealm, filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment.

Both Johnson and Yost had also asserted that they were paid less than their white, male counterparts at the company.

Yost's lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed, as indicated by court documents. According to reports, Yost received $38,847.79, and Frimpong received $37,616.37 to resolve their respective suits. In total, the settlements from the three lawsuits amount to $127,920.16.

Seppinni LLP, the law firm that filed the three lawsuits, has not responded to Decrypt's request for comment at this time.

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