Genopets: marketplace launch, KI token and more ecosystem enlargement



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Right now Genopets is already a huge ecosystem with 5 NFT collections and 48,980 tokens in total. What you need about project Genopets - it is quite a hyped move-2-earn game. You can be an owner of the special land or unusual creatures that are kinda similar to the Pokemons. At the start these creatures as NFT were quite affordable now you need at least 20 SOL to buy one. Lands are even more expensive. 

Also there are two coins in the game - $KI and $GENE. First one is based on the lands (Habitats) and the second one is based on the Genopets themselves. But if #GENE is only an ownership and governance token which you earn while walking. $KI is farmed by Habitats and you can evolve your Genopets with it and farm special crystals, crystals are absolutely free for farming and some people have made really big money on them. 

Genopets banner (NFTGators)

And with 2 new announcements - First SFT marketplace in the industry with the participation of Magic Eden and finally coming management of Habitats. 

And speaking about the details, Genopets is created both with NFTs and SFTs. NFT is a pet that you own and SFTs are a lot of resources that you farm or gather in the game. For example wood, water crystals and metal. And the new marketplace will make the selling of such semi-fungible tokens with both unique and usual traits as an easy-click.

Announce of the new marketplace (Magic Eden) 

Management of habitats will make the game deeper because it will add kind of farm tycoon mechanics. You will be able to manage the amount of Harvesting and Alchemy and make some delegation, you will be able to control seed management and crystal spawning. Also, there will be a workshop and laboratory with unique mechanics. 

As a result game tokens can pump in terms of pricing soon because of new mechanics and a big useful marketplace, but, then, there is a possibility of  declining after hype sundown, so do your own research as always.

Stay tuned and check out the NEWS page for more updates on Genopets.