Immutable Joins Ubisoft to Elevate Web3 Gaming Experience



In a landmark move for the gaming industry, Immutable, a trailblazer in Web3 gaming, has joined forces with Ubisoft, the iconic video game creator, to revolutionize the gaming landscape with blockchain technology. This partnership is poised to merge Ubisoft's deep expertise in creating enthralling video games with Immutable's prowess in Web3 to introduce an unprecedented gaming model that promises both entertainment and digital ownership to players.

A Union of Innovation and Expertise

Nicolas Pouard, Ubisoft’s VP of the Strategic Innovation Lab, commended Immutable’s advanced technology and Web3 integration skills, expressing enthusiasm for the synergy's potential. The aim is to craft an immersive game experience that seamlessly blends the fun of traditional gaming with the novel features of Web3, making the technical complexities invisible to the end-user.

Immutable's Vision for Gaming's Future

Immutable is bent on leveraging its comprehensive ecosystem to ensure this collaboration’s success, enabling players to genuinely own their digital assets within the gaming realm. The company's CEO, James Ferguson, conveyed excitement about the partnership's potential to enrich player experience, noting recent milestones like the launch of zkEVM rollups and the introduction of Guild of Guardians.

Pioneering the Web3 Gaming Space

Immutable has been proactive in forming strategic partnerships to bolster its offerings, such as teaming up with Amazon Web Services to broaden the reach of Web3 gaming. Another significant collaboration with Polygon aims to simplify the integration of games and developer solutions. Furthermore, the rollout of Immutable Checkout heralds a new era of effortless and secure decentralized payments.

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