Legitimate Teams Up with PUMA and Roc Nation for NFT Sneaker Collection Celebrating Hip-Hop



Legitimate, an NFT company, has partnered with renowned shoe brand PUMA and entertainment agency Roc Nation to launch a sneaker collection. Dubbed "Evolution of the Mixtape," the collection commemorates the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and offers buyers exclusive music content curated by Roc Nation.

The sneaker collection consists of three models: "Cassette Tape," "Playlist," and "Disc." Each shoe is embedded with Legitimate's near-field communication (NFC) chip called "LGT Tag" on the tongue. By scanning the NFC chip, owners can access a digital portal featuring weekly mixtapes, behind-the-scenes artist content, and unreleased tracks from Roc Nation artists.

Calvin Chan, the CEO of Legitimate, highlighted that the collaboration with PUMA and Roc Nation not only pays tribute to a cultural movement but also expands fans' access to their favorite artists' music. The aim is to innovate on the concept of mixtapes by connecting fashion, music, and technology seamlessly.

Chan emphasized that incorporating an NFC chip and rewarding buyers with new music enhances customer engagement and fosters brand loyalty. This blend of physical and digital elements, known as "phygital" products, allows brands to interact with customers on multiple levels and offers consumers more value from their purchases.

The integration of physical items with digital technology plays a significant role in bridging the transition from Web2 to Web3. Other fashion brands, such as Dior and Cult and Rain, have also explored the use of NFC chips in their products to provide proof of ownership and establish connections with the metaverse.

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