Millenabots - new NFT collection with 4K-resolution, 3D-graphics and the whole bunch of utility


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Group of millennials from London, UK decided to make an advanced NFT collection and now it is ready and can impress you. The big points of images are 3D-rendered graphics and 4K-resolution of them. So, you can take a look at them with all the beauty made by the creators. 

Example of the art 

The team decided to make a synergy of their nostalgic memories from the past, their current life and their anticipated and lovely future. Also the collection has a fusion with cyberpunk themes. 

The roadmap is impressive too. First stage is a currently launched Alpha group with a lot of useful insights from the world of crypto, NFT and e-commerce. Also the platform provides web3 education for the newcomers of the industry. 

Stage 2 will be started in July and it will be the launch of the NFT collection. 3D-avatars with high resolution and a bunch of details. Collection is Solana-based, so, you won’t worry about high gas transactions. 

Stage 3 is funding of The organization which plants trees in many places of the world. The main goal of this organization is to save nature and decrease the level of carbon emissions. Millenabots will save 10% of their secondary sale royalties and donate them to plant more trees.


Example of the art

Stage 4 is a launch of collaborations and merchandise. Team has partnered with a streetwear boutique from London and they will develop clothes, shoes and even 3D-printed accessories. For collaborations they are pl;anning to connect with blue-chip projects and different pop-culture brands. 

And stage 5 is a launch of a special web3-analytics platform. It is not an alpha group - it is a special tool for tracking and analyzing NFT collections. You will be able to check floor price, history of sales, trading volume, rarity and many other things. 

In addition we can say that the team is fully Doxxed, so it is also a point of a serious project.

Collection is listed on our platform, so you can track it too and see the success on the mints, secondary sales and realization of the roadmap.