Multichain NFT Protocol Holograph Launches 'KilroyPunk' in a Historic Collaboration



On Tuesday, Holograph, the multichain NFT protocol, launched its latest collaboration: a unique blend of a renowned NFT and a historically significant meme, known as "KilroyPunk".

The collectible is a clever spin on CryptoPunk #8527, a renowned NFT owned by the anonymous creator of Delegate Cash and Crypto Twitter personality, foobar, who has been using the NFT as his profile picture for an extended period. The design combines foobar’s famous NFT with the artistic flair of Eric Elms, adding a contemporary touch to the classic Kilroy image.

This collaboration is a significant step for Holograph as it seeks to solidify its presence in the NFT sector. It is the third offering from the multichain protocol via its consumer application. Released as part of an open-edition mint—which allows for unlimited claims of the collectible—it is priced at $15 and will be available for 48 hours.

Foobar shared with Decrypt that he sees the collaboration as a compelling remix of the classic Punk, mentioning that CryptoPunk 8537 has been instrumental in building his brand recognition over time. Foobar currently has over 133,000 followers on Twitter.

The "Kilroy Was Here" meme dates back to the 1940s, originating as a common symbol found in graffiti on battlefields across Europe and the Pacific. Given that Elms has used the character for cultural commentary for years, his venture into the NFT space is layered with unique subtext.

Elms described to Decrypt how the significance of Kilroy, which has a rich history dating back to World War II, mirrors that of CryptoPunks, which holds a foundational role in the NFT space. His work typically revolves around printed materials that are reimagined into collages, creating new meanings. As an artist from outside the NFT space, Elms felt it was crucial to honor CryptoPunks' digital, pixelated style.

Elms stressed the significance of engaging with the rich visual and conceptual history of NFT art, stating, "To me, there is a rich history of NFT native art. It is important to not only apply the technology but to also have a conversation with the rich visual and conceptual history of the sub-culture.”

Ahead of the NFT launch, the collaboration was subtly promoted on the streets of New York City, inspired by counterculture trends seen in streetwear and skate circles, according to Holograph CEO and co-founder, Jeff Gluck.

Gluck emphasized that while Holograph maintains a focus on culture, it is ultimately founded on technology.



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