Particle Set to Tokenize H.R. Giger's Iconic Xenomorph Sculpture as NFTs



The digital art world is on the cusp of another groundbreaking event as Web3 start-up Particle announces the sale of 500 NFTs based on a remarkable sculpture by the legendary H.R. Giger. The renowned artist's masterpiece, a striking Xenomorph installation, is poised to become the latest significant artwork to be tokenized on the blockchain.

Prepare for the Invasion of Terrifying Xenomorphs

Particle, known for offering fractionalized ownership of culturally significant artworks, is granting collectors a unique opportunity to own a portion of "Necronom/Alien III, 2005". This exclusive sculpture, designed by the Academy Award-winning artist, captures the iconic Xenomorph from the acclaimed 1979 sci-fi horror classic, Alien.

As the first piece in a collection of six statues, this sculpture holds a special place within the realm of Giger's art. "It is the only one following the prototype that was made by Giger himself, and the prototype remains at the Giger museum," revealed Particle CEO Harold Eytan. The intricate work is crafted from steel and polyester resin, measuring over seven feet long and three feet tall.

Adding to the allure of this tokenized art is its esteemed provenance. Eytan shared, "A private collector in Germany is selling it through Particle following the group exhibition Species at the Mai36 gallery in Zurich...(it) has only previously been in one other collection—and before that, was in Giger's private collection."

Owning a Piece of the Physical Sculpture

By offering digital "particles" of the sculpture, the platform presents a unique opportunity to own a stake in this highly coveted artwork. Each NFT will represent a 1/500 stake, reflecting a total value of half a million dollars. These tokens will be available for purchase at $1,000 each, starting from June 16.

In a twist of modern art ownership, Alien particle holders will have a say in the future of the physical sculpture. If an offer to purchase the sculpture arises, token holders will vote on whether it should be sold.

Sculpture to Be Showcased at NFC Lisbon

Before entering the digital market, the sculpture will enjoy a grand showcase. From June 7-8, it will be exhibited at NFC Lisbon, under Particle's ownership and in partnership with the H.R. Giger Museum. Following this, it will be featured as part of "Metamorphoses," a Giger-centric exhibition at Hluboká Castle in Prague, before making appearances at Art Basel in Switzerland and another venue in Paris.

As a gesture of appreciation to its community, Particle is offering a discounted rate to owners of "Love is in the Air" particles. These individuals will have the opportunity to purchase Alien particles at a special early access sale price of $800, adding another layer to this revolutionary fusion of traditional and digital art markets.



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