Proof's New NFT Collection and $50 Million Funding Announced



The two most well-known brands now operating in the NFT area are, without a doubt, Proof and Proof Collective (a division of the bigger Proof brand). In addition to their success with Moonbirds, PROOF has overseen several successful initiatives, such as Grails and Emotes.

On top of that, the Collective's members have set themselves the high task of curating the NFT environment as a whole. In the stock market, there are professional groups who do nothing but collect data and provide incredibly in-depth research papers, as Co-Founder Kevin Rose said on an April edition of the NFT Now podcast. That's what we want to be for NFTs.


The bear market and unscrupulous participants in the market, however, may be two significant barriers in the way of all of that. In May 2022, a member of the PROOF Collective fell for a phishing scam. He or she accidentally clicked on a link and lost an estimated $1.5 million in NFT.

As a result, Rose, Justin Mezell, co-founder of PROOF Collective, and Harri Thomas, director of product, joined the hour-long live webcast to allay some of those worries. The Proof was successful in raising $50 million in funding, with the help of a16z as the lead investor.


Source: PROOF Twitter account

Also, Proof commented on the recent change of Moonbirds and Oddities into CC0 collections, which was already part of the stream. In the news release, it says that "freeing IP" could "lead to new creative activities and, over time, bring more attention to [NFT projects]." But what does this mean for Moonbirds, which is currently one of the most popular NFT collections ever?

According to the news release, the DAO will be in charge of giving trademark rights and money to businesses that help Moonbirds reach its goal. The amount in question will be financed initially by Proof, as well as continuously by royalties from the OG collection.

During the webcast, Rose and the company also announced Moonbirds Mythics as a sequel to Moonbirds. This showed how much they care about their best-known collection. Early in 2023, a new collection with called PFP will be released, "with an eye on giving back to original Moonbird and Oddities collectors."

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