Rare Apepes: rarity ranking and market predictions



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Rare Apepes is a derivative collection which combines two iconic silhouettes of the internet - Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pepe

Public Sale 

Start: Mar 5, 2022 at 12PM EST

Duration: Until the sold out

Supply: 10 000

Type: paid and free mint

Price: 0,05 ETH then was change to free

No Private Sale

You were able to get WL spots via giveaways and meme contests.

RAYC #6663 (OpenSea)

First of all the collection was launched on March 5 and not the whole amount was minted but on July 31st devs decided to make their NFTs free and as a result the project got sold out. Also creators will airdrop their Serum analogue which will change RAYCs with mutations. 

Team is not doxxed but you can find a lot of information about the artist of the collection on the website. Community of the project is warm and cozy, devs always make connections with them and listen to every word - that’s why we can see a lot of activity on their social media. The roadmap hasn't been revealed yet but we know about future mutation components. 

Floor price now is close to 0,3ETH and this result is amazing. With the use of popular brands from the internet and good community work we can expect a lot more growth in the future. 

Check out this collection and many others in the rarity ranking of our platform here!

Stay tuned and we will provide the further collection’s history on the market.