RTFKT dropped collection of virtual Nike sneakers



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RTFKT Studios was bought by Nike a while ago. And now they presented their first project which is based on intellectual property of the Nike company. The collection of NFTs which used famous design lines became very successful. Profits from the collection are amazingly big. But people buy these tokens not only because of the hype, but because the design is well made too. Sneakers are based on the famous silhouette of Nike Dunk Low but with futuristic modifications. 

Collection is called MNLTH and they will have features of customization soon. Several days after the revealing floor price is changing from growth to decline and vice versa, but still high.

The MNLTH collection was airdropped to the holders of PodX and CloneX in early February. Now tokens are revealed. They were presented in virtual metallic boxes. After revealing some lucky holders got some special perks in the form of Nike Dunk Genesis NFT, Skin Vial and access to MNLTH 2 collection. 

Now the floor price is 9,98 ETH which means that lucky holders are able to gain at least $30,000. There are just 7k of holders and fine volume trade which is equal to 42,000 ETH - not bad for the start. 

Before this collection Nike didn’t drop any official NFT stuff and future moves of the company in the sphere were covered by the fog. And now we can see the first uncovering of the plans, for sure we can say that it is just a start and we will see MNLTH 2 soon and more other interesting stuff. 

RTFKT studios is the famous company of the NFT industry, they are behind the famous and successful CloneX collection, even Takashi Murakami participated in the creation. Current floor price of clones is 18,3 ETH. So it is one of the main blue chip projects of the market.