RTFKT launched an exclusive fashion web3 collection for holders.



As of May 2022, Nike is valued at over $170 billion and is the largest sports brand in the world. Even Nike has to adopt Web3 in order to maintain its relevance and profitability, since the overall market value of the metaverse is expected to increase from the present $63.8 billion to around $1,527.55 billion by 2029.

The desire for accessories and other artifacts used to personalize our virtual selves, or "avatars," will rise in tandem with the maturation of the metaverse. Some of us, just like in real life, will automatically grab for our Nikes.

Check out the latest web3 headlines, including y00ts's bid for the blue chip position and Jim Carrey's foray into the realm of NFT art, before getting started on this project.

As we all know, a well-known web3 project, RTFKT, was purchased by Nike last year, making the brand a top-revenue business in the NFT market. They have worked together all that time and received several awards already. The founder of streetwear, Jeff Staple, and well-known artist Takashi Murakami are included in the project's roster of pals.

Source: RTFKT lookbook

CloneX as 3D-avatars has a firm focus on fashion. Together with Takashi Murakami, they made a whole collection, making it the main feature. While the project's floor price and average sales were greater during the Bull Run, they are not as high anymore. However, the value you get as an owner of a CloneX avatar is still exceptional and really special.

This launch is a new digital collection of goods that are being presented both in the real (as a piece of cloth) and the web3 part, and is also a brand-new gift for the holders. The brand tested its fashion line earlier this year with the Nike AR Genesis sweatshirt, and now the whole line of diverse goods is available.

Source: RTFKT lookbook

A virtual Air Force One serves as the collection's focal point. A legendary pair of sneakers from 1982 are now known as web3 shoes and remain as stylish as they ever were. If you have CloneX, you may now purchase this really ageless design as a web3 thing. Depending on the DNA from the initial collection, there are several varieties of kicks, including Human, Robot, Demon, Undead, Reptile, Alien etc. Additionally, there are two unique Takashi Murakami DNAs. A similar guideline is offered for the other items in the collection as well. The DNA-based characteristics of hoodies, puffers, tees, caps, and socks are all distinctive.

Only after linking the wallet with the CloneXes can you access the private virtual clothing mint. The event will run until September 6th, but it will officially begin today, August 31st. Everyone with a CloneX avatar can buy the real-world version of the virtual clothes they were given.

The lookbook

As we previously said, Air Force 1s are the exceptional products in the whole collection, and they are already quite expensive on OpenSea. The most costly Nikes are alien models, which cost 8 ETH. The following item is a Murakami creation and it costs 5,69 ETH.

OpenSea data

The collection's floor price is now 0,03 ETH, and there are only 74 pieces available on OpenSea. However, more and more owners of the CloneX collection will soon be able to purchase their own clothing, and we also need to keep in mind that this is just Season 1, so there will be a lengthy history.

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