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Everyone will be able to play as usual when the third season of Sandbox Alpha Season 3 debuts on August 24. You can buy an Avatar, an Alpha Pass, or a piece of land in addition to the basic access, which is completely free. In order to prevent multi accounting, which was a common practice in past seasons, Sandbox introduced a KYC system this time.

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Source: The Sandbox Medium

Over the course of Season 3's 10 weeks, more than 90 events and 650 quests will be accessible. This time, you will attend a special Steve Aoki music performance and partake in a Bored Ape Yacht Club experience. Additionally, a dedicated Rabbids Invasion zone and a The Walking Dead section will be present. Each zone was established in collaboration with the designers of the respective worlds and is influenced by well-known pop-culture brands. Numerous brand-new gameplay genres are being promised by the developers.

Other well-known collections, such as World of Women and Care Bears, will also have their own adventures and quests. A few more events will be organized by Snoop Dogg, an old friend of the community. However, the list of partners includes a few more names: this season, The Sandbox welcomes 27 new brands as partners.

Source: The Sandbox Medium

As we previously stated, a confirmed account is all that is required for basic access, as we previously stated, but there are also the standard 10,000 Alpha Passes and Lands available. With the Alpha Pass, you can earn up to 500 in $SAND. Land owners will also receive exclusive additional perks, and each owner will be eligible to earn up to 180 $SAND. Owners of Avatars will receive 60 $SAND, and NFT owners of exclusive collections that are associated with The Sandbox will receive up to 30 $SAND. You will receive the set amount of $SAND regardless of whether you take part in all of the quests and activities.

The Sandbox will feature External Avatars which are based on well-known NFT collections like CloneX, BAYC, MoonBirds, World of Women, and Cool Cats, in addition to basic playable avatars.

Additionally, the organization will arrange a massive $1,500,000 $SAND giveaway for the top competitors. Every registered player has the opportunity to try their luck and, if they get a spot among the top 5,000 players, will receive a special $SAND award. This promotion is open to all registered players, even those who choose not to purchase Land, Passes, or Avatars. You receive Ethos Points when a quest is completed and the amount of points is determined by the task and your passing time. The more points you get, the higher you move on the scoreboard. Additional daily challenges with more rewards will also be available.

Source: The Sandbox Medium

The Sandbox's Alpha Season is an excellent way to make money and get to know what the Metaverse era will be like in the future. Starting on August 24th, you can experiment with new forms of entertainment and communication.

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