Steady Stack Titans: rarity ranking and market predictions



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Animated collection of 2100 pixelated and funny illuminati-investors.

Private sale


Start: August 2nd 6pm EST

Duration: 30 minutes (sold out)

Supply: 2100 tokens

Type: Paid mint

Start price: 0,08ETH

There were no public sale because all allowlisters were qualified for the mint and only them could do that.

You were able to get a WL spot through the WL application, which stored addresses for raffle. Also there were some giveaways.

Steady Stack #1684 (OpenSea)

Collection has a unique concept - purchased NFT is a membership list for the full trading course where you will deeply learn a lot of useful frameworks and will get new knowledge about trading. 

Team of the project is not doxxed. But the community is solid and welcoming because of art, collection management and the whole course of trading with investment networking and alpha calls. Collection has no Roadmap now but has a great plan of education for holders.


OpenSea data( OpenSea) 

Floor price is terrific in terms of the current market situation and that’s because of its unusual and useful utility. After the start of the educational course, the floor price could rise  even more when the community will make a true value of this knowledge.  

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Stay tuned and we will provide the further collection’s history on the market.