SubwayRats: rarity ranking and market predictions



Last Updated 

Collection of 10,000 dynamic NFTs in the form of rats. The idea of dynamic piece is in the dynamically changing locations of rats on the map, so, your rat is always in different places.

Allowlist mint 


Start: July 31st

Duration: until the sold out

Supply: 10,000

Type: Free Mint 

Start price: Free


WL mint


Start: July 31st

Duration: 1 hour

Supply: 10,000

Type: Free Mint 

Start price: Free

You were able to claim WL spot in giveaways or in the raffle.

Example of the art (Twitter SubwayRats)

The innovative idea is in the dynamically changing geolocation of rats, as a result you can get different perks in different places, for example there will be exclusive competitive games and events on different locations as a result you need to travel if you want to participate. Locations with train stations will also be presented as NFTs, some of them will be airdropped and some will be auctioned. Holders of lands will get passive income. 

Team of the project is not doxxed, the community is welcoming and loyal, also you can find some middle-level influencers that promote the collection. 

Roadmap (SubwayRats)

The roadmap of the project is gigantic and devs are finishing points step by step, holders will get a lot of exclusive stuff in the future, and the project will aim for charity too. 

OpenSea Data (OpenSea)

Reveal is soon and it can decline the floor price as always but the floor is not that high even now, so we will hope that future drop of lands, auctions and events with games will make the project more valuable one. 

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