On OpenSea, the Bowie on the Blockchain Collection will be launched soon



Companies like Nike, which just released a new line of sportswear in collaboration with RTFKT, are discovering the benefits of NFTs as a fresh and effective means of brand awareness.

Another Hollywood star, Jim Carrey, has decided to try out blockchain technology in his own creative projects. He joins actors like Bill Murray and Morgan Freeman, who have already used the technology to raise money for charity.

And now David Bowie's legacy is being recast in a new web3 light.

Some of the best crypto-artists in the world will team up with the David Bowie Estate to bring the late singer's legacy to OpenSea. Andrew D. Keller, a creative executive and artist manager, and Joaquin Acrich, CEO of Web3 business We Love The Arts, are spearheading the collection, which they have dubbed "Bowie On The Blockchain". As was recently announced, the launch was postponed because of Queen Elizabeth II's death. More details will be posted soon on Twitter.

Source: @DavidBowieReal 

David Bowie is widely considered a game-changer in the history of popular music. His impact on popular culture goes well beyond the realm of music. When the details of the NFT auction are made public, items inspired by Bowie's work by artists including FEWOCiOUS, Glam Beckett, Defaced, Jonathan Wolfe, JAKE, Lirona, Osinachi, and Young & Slick will be featured.

Since the next collection will be the creation of a number of different artists, each with their own signature aesthetic, it is expected to be truly one of a kind. Victor Langlois, better known as FEWOCiOUS, is a young gay digital artist who uses art as a replacement for journaling.

Osinachi is another intriguing name. He is the first African artist to have their work digitally auctioned as an NFT by Christie's in Europe, and he is a young, accomplished digital artist from Nigeria.

The proceeds from the sale of Bowie's NFT Collection will go to the humanitarian organization CARE, of which Bowie's wife Iman is the Global Advocate. When Madonna released her 'Mother Of Creation' NFT collection on OpenSea, with Beeple, the revenues from the sale went to projects benefiting children. This is not the first time a music legend has used NFTs for charitable causes.

Musicians and artists have been griping about the unequal distribution of money for decades. Famous artists are beginning to embrace NFTs because of the power they may provide creators. Already, artists like Eminem, Don Diablo, The Wkend, Aphex Twin, Kings of Leon, and Snoop Dogg have debuted their own NFT collections, and the number of those artists continues to grow.

To let you know, "Bowie On The Blockchain" will be available on our website here straight after the release of the whole collection. Stay tuned.

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