The DigiDaigaku Collection introduces a whole new NFT market model



DigiDaigaku was created by Limit Break, a company co-founded by prominent game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, and has a collection of 2,022 NFTs. Gabriel and Halbert's Machine Zone is responsible for the hit mobile games Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike. MZ was estimated to be worth $6 billion in 2015. It also showcases the affluent cast of characters from Limit Break: Birth.


In addition, a lot of exciting things have occurred in recent weeks, such as the debut of the engine for generative NFT production by Art Blocks and the unveiling of X Marketplace, a new platform that will let NFT owners conduct business with organizations who need them to get an IP License.



Each of the 2022 NFTs or anime characters is included in the DigiDaigaku collection, each of which has a number of distinctive and imaginative traits as well as incredibly remarkable artistic quality.


Let's take a look at the launch's most noteworthy highlights:

Start: August 10th

Supply: 2022 tokens

Type: Stealth Mint

Price: Free Mint


Then, there were no WL spots; instead, the team tweeted a link to the mint page so that any fortunate user could check and mint right away. The link was soon removed, restricting access. 


These NFTs will be the basis elements for the developers' forthcoming video game. The game will include NFT characters. Yesterday, the Limit Break founders' business secured $200 million from major investment firms. The floor price of the collection increased by almost 100% as a consequence. The company will soon release additional stealth mints with brand-new NFTs that can be used in the future game. Even CZ made a lengthy post about the collection and claimed that Limit Break invented the Free to Own business model.


DigiDaigaku #621 - Dharma


Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, two seasoned game developers, make up the team's core. The project and its upcoming drops have generated a lot of excitement within the community. The project lacks a plan and a discord server, but it has a highly active Twitter account and plenty of forthcoming gifts for holders.


Since this is a genesis drop and likely will have certain in-game unique benefits, the current floor price of 13,5 ETH has the potential to increase with subsequent drops.


Before you decide to become a part of the DigiDaigaku community, you should look at the rarity ranking page.


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