The Launch of a New Platform by X Marketplace to Connect NFT Holders with Brands Requiring IP Licensing



The decentralized, community-owned NFT marketplace X Marketplace has added an IP marketplace to connect NFT holders with projects that need IP licensing.

Recent developments regarding ApeCoin's reliability and the steady increase of trademark applications related to NFTs may also be of interest to you.


The Yuga Labs, Azuki, CloneX, IlluminatiNFT, Finiliar, Stickmen Toys, and Swampverse collections are supported by the IP marketplace. Owners of these NFTs may publish their IPs on the site for free, and projects looking to license IP can also post advertising.

When it first opened in January, X Marketplace was a multi-chain platform, but it has since focused on Ethereum. This is different from other major platforms, which are growing from Ethereum to include other blockchains. 

An ApeCoin DAO proposal and the concept for an Ape IP marketplace were announced by X Marketplace in July. Since the Moonbirds and Oddities NFT collections recently switched from a Proof license to a CC0 license, people have been talking about the best way to license IP.


Some NFT collections, like BAYC, Meebits, CryptoPunk, and World of Women, have given their owners commercial rights to the NFT art. This means that the NFT art can be used for both business and personal purposes.


Today's issue is that, while having few opportunities to commercialize them, IP rights make up a significant portion of the NFT value offer. Co-founder Bradley Zastrow says that they are making it easier to find intellectual property by adding an IP marketplace to their current platform. He went on to say that NFT owners and companies often use Twitter to talk about IP license terms.


A platform called Bored Jobs, which was set up in July to help NFT owners "put their precious collections to work" and let businesses work with NFTs, is making the IP licensing scheme more efficient.


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