The Reality Tour of Europe by the Proof Collective Is Officially Announced



As a token-gated NFT community, the PROOF Collective is home to a passionate group of one thousand NFT enthusiasts that create and collect NFT art. The group has been instrumental in the development of popular NFT projects, including Moonbirds, Meebits, and Oddities, and it constantly monitors the scene for the next big thing.


We have just published a piece on how PROOF has announced a new NFT collection and $50 million in funding


PROOF Collective NFTs, which were issued after the Genesis NFTs were sold at a Dutch auction for 5 ETH apiece, are required for membership in the collective. The NFTs issued by the collective are now tradeable on secondary exchanges, with the current floor price on OpenSea being 54.9 ETH, or $95,430.47.

The members of PROOF Collective and owners of Moonbirds and Oddities have recently announced a tour of Europe for the month of October. At these in-person gatherings, members of the PROOF Collective may chat in depth about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. 


The European leg of the collective's tour.


The PROOF Collective will kick off their tour on October 7 in Lisbon at Rove, an arts center and bar that bills itself as the "intersection of urban surf culture, food, and art." The group will next go on to Paris on October 9. The group has decided to have its next get-together in Candelaria, a real Mexican taqueria in the trendy Le Marais neighborhood of Paris.


The PROOF Collective will be performing on October 12 at the Funkhaus in Berlin. Finally, from October 13th through the 15th, various gatherings will take place in London at secret locations.


There are rumors of a tour of Australia and additional events in the works alongside the European tour. To name just one, there's the PROOF Conference, which will span many days and take place some time around the middle of 2023.



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