The Rise of the DeGods



You can't talk about the DeGods without bringing up "y00ts," which we will do soon. Alternatively, you can read our pre-launch article about y00tlis. Right now, we need to give our whole focus to the primary collection. By the way, DeGods season 3 apparently is called “Hexagon” and comes sometime in 2023.

DeGods includes 9,465 NFTs in its collection. It was supposed to have 10,000 members, but the launch team burned the 535 that weren't minted by the community.

On October 8, 2021, the first batch of DeGods were made available to the public for three SOL. It all started with some bot problems and sloppy administration, and then people started losing interest and accused the staff of pulling a fast one. By 2021's end, the collection had dwindled to the point where its creators were considering calling it quits.

The accomplishment of getting to where they are now is, therefore, remarkable. These days, the median selling price is roughly $17,000. In the last 30 days, the number of individual sales has almost doubled, and the volume of trades has gone up by 184%.

Even in the previous two weeks, DeGods' NFT collection average sale and floor prices have increased dramatically. This flurry of activity peaked on September 1 when $221,120 was traded for a single DeGods NFT. What has changed that makes this project popular again? 

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how some NFT projects become page turners. Sometimes the value of NFTs falls precipitously for no apparent reason. The value of the DeGods collection, however, has skyrocketed in recent weeks, and we believe we have a reasonable notion as to why this is. 

DeGod #270

The whole nft community was astonished to find out that DeGod #270 went so far up in the rankings. The gold-clad God, wearing a helmet and shoulder pads, made a $221,120 payment on September 1. That equals 7033.3 SOL at the time. Given that no other NFT in the collection has ever sold for anywhere near this number, it was a signal—something really big is coming up.


Other than #1629, no other DeGod has sold for more than 1000 SOL in the previous two weeks

The DeGod #270's record-breaking sale is only the latest example of a recent rise in the collection's base price. It settled at 280 SOL on August 21st. The 29th of August saw it hit 565 SOL, an all-time high. But what triggered this significant rise?

No tokens are available for purchase at this time on OpenSea, and the underlying price is not yet shown. You'll see a price of 389 SOL ($100) on the MagicEden.

New to the Solana blockchain is the collection of 15,000 NFTs known as y00ts. Since it was built by the same people behind DeGods, it's natural to compare the two and consider them related. To get a y00t, you either have to be on the y00tlist or have an improved DeGod NFT.

Because of how hard it is to get on the y00tlist and how popular the y00ts project has become recently, the demand for DeGod NFTs has gone up. At the same time, DeGods has become more well-known because of its closeness to y00ts and the general interest in being a member of the community.

As we have reported today, y00ts are reaching new heights by getting almost $8M traded in less than a week since launch.

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