This year, ZkSync will increase its user base after passing a rigorous security review.



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ZkSync, an Ethereum scaling protocol, has successfully completed its initial security assessment and is set to welcome a larger user base before the year's end. The audit took place over the course of four weeks, and it was carried out by OpenZeppelin, a top crypto auditing business.

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Security auditing is now a must for any new cryptographic protocols after 2017's unprecedented level of hacking. Adding an additional degree of confidence in its network security for protocol developers and users is a major step forward for ZkSync.

Competitions, bug bounties, and hackathons are just a few of the extra security measures ZkSync plans to implement over the next several months.

ZkSync has recently made headlines for its ambitions to include support for Java, Python, and Go into its SDKs for developers (SDKs).

Several prominent DeFi protocols have also committed to launching on zkSync, including Uniswap and Aave. The audit gives users and protocols confidence to migrate to the new network and do business there.

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