LOOKS token from LooksRare Marketplace


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NFT-tokens prove themselves as a good way for investments and money making more and more. And it is not a surprise that we have more players in the sphere of NFT-trading. Marketplace LooksRare came to the market and launched its own platform for selling of NFT.

LooksRare combines non-fungible tokens trading  with DeFi and plans to compete with OpenSea and other marketplaces. It is definitely not another one clone of OpenSea. People can buy or sell NFTs on the platform. Also there is an option of internal staking tools on LooksRare and users can benefit from this. 

LooksRare market was launched in the early hours of this Monday morning. News about the launch was announced on Twitter. And for the feed of such start LooksRare dropped own token on the market. Release is very massive and was organized for helping of users pull from famous and big NFT trading platforms like mentioned OpenSea.

And this token is a staking tool of LooksRare - $LOOKS. Token has its pool and users can grab Wrapped Ethereum from this thing. LooksRare website says that annual percentage of Looks staking can be around 700%. 

But none of these crazy returns would be possible without the kick-ass launch of the platform itself during this week. And the first days of LOOKS token trading show amazing results. Project is reaping the rewards of  its efforts.  

Token was airdropped massively and the only one rule for the potential claiming is previous Ethereum transactions on OpenSea. People that have transactions equal to at least 3 ETH during the second part of 2021 are able to be airdropped. 

Obviously LooksRare is trying to show potential and making a sweet pot for the new users. They want to attract more and more customers from the bigger markets like OpenSea. LooksRare website has the instructions for airdropping and you can use them if you want to grab one or several tokens. 

Last days the token has risen by 20% and it will be even more potentially.Trading volume is bombing these days and become higher than in the first day of trade. Over $300 million in trading volume is the current number of LOOKS in hands of traders. 

LooksRare takes a 2% fee from every trade on the marketplace and this fee is spread among owners of LOOKS tokens. 10th January, the price of the token rose to 4.5 US dollars.