Introduces 'Trekki' NFT Collection for Travel Enthusiasts



Renowned global travel platform,, has made its foray into the world of NFTs with its exclusive 'Trekki' collection. Designed specifically for avid travelers, this NFT campaign aims to provide valuable rewards to those exploring the wonders of our planet.

In an official press release, expressed its intention to connect Web3-native digital nomads worldwide through the Trekki NFT collection. Simultaneously, the collection serves as a loyalty program, offering additional benefits to holders as they embark on more journeys.

The Trekki collection showcases a diverse array of dolphin-themed characters, each featuring travel-inspired backgrounds inspired by various destinations across the globe. Collectors can acquire these NFTs through blind box minting, where different rarities correspond to distinct levels of rewards. Expands its Web3 Presence

The Trekki drop is not's sole venture into the Web3 realm. The company has recently formed a partnership with the Prime Planet NFT collection, allowing holders to unlock unique benefits that plans to reveal in the future.

This strategic move into the Web3 space reflects the growing trend of NFTs revolutionizing the travel industry. In the past year, NFTs have proven their utility as digital flight tickets, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, and loyalty programs.

As a leading global player in the tourism sector, is set to bring its own innovative approach to NFT-based rewards programs, catering to the evolving needs of travel enthusiasts worldwide.



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