Tykes NFT generated almost 2,000 ETH



After just a week, Tykes NFT's trading volume topped one thousand ether. The goal of the initiative is to bring together investors, developers, designers, and business owners who work in real estate and Web3 technology to help the local community. According to the company's creator, this is not just another NFT-driven "Airbnb."


The NFT community has seen a surge of activity in recent days. Y00ts isn't the only notable NFT; Tykes NFT is also up there.

How reliable Tykes NFT is.

The buzz of excitement around Tykes is undeniable. It sold out on release day and has since increased in value by a factor of two or three. The concentration of these NFTs, however, is noteworthy. There are a thousand different wallets holding 5,000 NFTs, which suggests that the floor price is easier to change.

Users that are interested must check the project on their own. For the rarity ranking, we suggest you visit the Tykes page on our website to find the latest data on available for sale tokens.

The Tykes NFT, which began trading on August 31 after being released, is now worth 2.45 ETH. With a volume of 1700 ETH, a 22% gain over the week is noteworthy. The project's features promise to give owners an unexpected and unique use. Doesn't it seem like a lofty goal?

Explaining Tykes NFT.

Tykes is a platform that was started by serial entrepreneur Ryan Pineda. It is made up of 5,000 NFTs that are trying to shape the future of digital real estate. As if that weren't enough, members have the option to invest in private startups, properties, and even plots of land in the Metaverse.

Instead of promoting itself with flashy games or limited-edition merchandise, Tykes creates a network where users can make connections with experts in the fields of real estate, investing, and entrepreneurship. One of our key objectives is to assist them in establishing a thriving company and market that will continue to expand forever.

Sounds like a variation on the blue chip NFT collection, VeeFriends, with an eye on making a killing in the multibillion dollar real estate market. This article is for those who are unfamiliar with VeeFriends and their current plans.

Can you list any of Tykes' practical uses?

Tykes is constructing a network where users may make contact with specialists in the fields of real estate, finance, technology, and business. Inspiring teamwork to create game-changing enterprises is what this vast community is all about.

In the Tykes' world, education is consistently ranked as a top priority. In addition to accessing online resources, Tykes NFT holders will also have access to in-person education opportunities. Tykes has made progress in its real estate industry, even if all of this still seems a little hazy. The initiative has bought its first big thing, a house in Las Vegas, Nevada, for $1.5 million. Members of the community will be able to reserve rooms by exchanging their Tycoin tokens for the days they want to stay.

Check out the video tour below to get a feel for the place.

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