Weekly Crypto Recap (March 11th - March 17th)



Weekly Crypto Recap (March 11th - March 17th)

Here's a weekly recap from Metaverse.SG, highlighting the most notable crypto events this week:

  • Market Overview

  • Memecoin Rally on Solana

  • Multiple Airdrop Distribution

  • Upcoming Airdrops

Let’s dive headfirst into the main crypto news of this week!

Market Overview


  • BTC's Wild Ride (BTC breaks $73,750 and drop to $65,500)

  • On March 12, the net inflow into spot exchange-traded funds based on the first cryptocurrency amounted to $1.05 billion.


  • ETH couldn't maintain its position at $4000.

  • Bloomberg analysts have revised their forecasts, reducing the odds of an ETH-ETF approval in May

  • Dencun Update: L2 Network now offers transactions that are 50-90 times cheaper than they were before the update.


  • BNB surged 30% to $645 then dropped to $550 all within a week.


  • Solana bucked the BTC trend, reaching $200

  • Solana surpassed BNB, ranking 4th on CoinMarketCap.

Memecoins Rally on Solana

As Solana's value increased against a falling BTC, liquidity shifted towards it, sparking rapid growth in memecoins:


It suddenly appeared, got listed on Binance, reached a $1.5B market cap, and yielded x500 profit in just two days.


In an unprecedented event in crypto, a team raised $10 million through a token presale, then mistakenly burned all the tokens designated for the presale.

The token's hype skyrocketed its value from nothing to a $700M market cap within hours, only to see it drop threefold shortly after.

Multiple Airdrop Distributions

On the 13th, Binance farming concluded, and the token was listed. 

Here are the stats at listing time:

  • Market Cup: $400M

  • Price: 3$

  • Minimum amount of drops: 100-140 AEVO

  • Minimum costs: 30$

  • Average profit of users: x10 from investments


After completing various tasks for months, users have now received their airdrop.

Here are the stats at listing time:

  • Market Cup: $400M

  • Price: 0.053$

  • Minimum amount of drops: 2000-3000 MEME

  • Costs: 9$

  • Average profit of users: x13 from investments

You can continue earning drops by staking your MEMEs and you'll receive a STEAKS as a reward.


Users farm ETHFI tokens by depositing ETH into their protocol.

Here are the stats at listing time:

  • Market Cup: $450M

  • Price: 4$

  • Minimum amount of drops: Depends on the deposit

  • Average profit of users: +20% from investments

Even Justin Sun deposited 120k Ethereum and farmed airdrop and got ~6% of ETHFI airdrop supply worth around $20M.

Upcoming Airdrops


The team has confirmed that point farming and token distribution are set for the end of March. Time is running short.

Parcl is a trading platform that focuses on a blockchain-based real estate.

They raised $11.6 million in funding, the biggest portion came from Solana, Coinbase, Dragonfly and a few other VCs.

Point system:

  • "Be the Bank" - Depositing into LP Pool earns points based on the initial deposited amount. (+5pts/dollar) per day

  • "Diamond Hands" - Trading positions will be rewarded points based on the initial $$ amount at opening. (+2.5pts/dollar) per day

Points are now trading on @whalesmarket, with the starting price of $0.0013 per point, equating to $195 per day.

You can earn points by trading, but, given the stability of real estate markets, a 10% move within a month is nearly unheard of, but we'll mitigate this risk.


By creating two accounts with equal deposits—one long, one short—we'll navigate market fluctuations

❗By utilizing maximum leverage and opening both long and short trades simultaneously, we effectively hedge our bets without fear of liquidation, ensuring market fluctuations don't result in any loss. However, some fees will still be included to sustain positions.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Go on their web 👉 https://app.parcl.co/

  • Connect your Phantom

  • Create an account

  • Deposit USDC on the Solana's network

  • Select the market (I trade on Brooklyn)

  • Select the leverage (I have the maximum x5.9)

  • Create a deal

  • Click on the link 👉 https://app.parcl.co/referrals

  • Use my referral code "0x-doomer" for an extra 5% points

Mirror the steps on your second account but take the contrary stance. If you went Short on the first, go Long on the second.

Your transactions will resemble mine👇

Magic Eden:

Connect your MetaMask, even if you haven't traded on Magic Eden before, you can still claim Diamonds👇


Diamonds are currently trading at $0.08 on Whales Market


CryptoPunks and BAYC are eligible for the Saga Airdrop, just like $TIA, $MATIC, and $AVAX holders

The Saga is an Integrated Stack for Web3 application development.

The project has raised $15.5M in investments from various major private investors and VCs

Support for and from top NFT collections:

Recently, they announced support for BAYC and CryptoPunk to Airdrop $SAGA to their NFT holders.

  • To Claim, you'll need a Cosmos-compatible wallet. The claim site suggests Keplr, which is a good option if you don't have another wallet installed.

  • Follow the setup process, and once you have your address ready, return to the airdrop claiming page to proceed.

  • Connect your new wallet, and at the bottom of the page where you'll also find the option to link additional addresses. Select "Add EVM Address"

  • Now you'll be prompted to sign from your Ethereum wallet, this request is SAFU to sign.

  • More about safe/unsafe signatures in the quoted thread by 0xQuit

  • After verifying your EVM wallet ownership by signing, the "claim" option for "Heritage Collection" will be activated. You then, simply, need to click on it to complete your claim.

  • Always stay alert and double-check the official links! Better be slow and safe, than sorry later... The only official Saga Twitter account's link 

Celestia Community Criteria:

  • Those who staked more than 23 $TIA on 12/01/2023, are eligible for the $SAGA airdrop.

  • There is a loyalty bonus for those who increased their staking position from 11/07/2023 to 12/01/2023.

5/ Polygon's Community Criteria:

  • Those who staked more than 300 $MATIC on 10/20/2023 and/or bridged more than 0.4 $ETH using the ZKEVM bridge, are eligible for the $SAGA airdrop.

  • There is a loyalty bonus for those who increased stake from 04/20/2023 to 10/20/2023.

Avalanche Community Criteria:

  • Those who staked $AVAX on 04/20/2023 to 10/20/2023 are eligible for the $SAGA airdrop.

  • There is a loyalty bonus for users who have been staking for more than 150 days.


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