Weekly Crypto Recap (March 18th - March 24th)



Weekly Crypto Recap (March 18th - March 24th)

Here's a weekly recap from Metaverse.SG, highlighting the most notable crypto events this week:

  • Market Overview

  • Increased oversight by the SEC

  • Multiple Airdrop Distribution

  • Upcoming Airdrops

Let’s dive headfirst into the main crypto news of this week!

Market Overview


  • BTC's Wild Ride (BTC drop to $60,700 and breaks $71,000)

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs saw a net outflow of nearly $1bln this week.


  • ETH's Wild Ride (ETH dropped to $3,050 and grew to $3,650)

  • Ethereum developers launched1 'Pump the Gas' initiative to increase network capacity by increasing the gas limit by 33%.


  • BNB dropped below11 $500 and surged 20% all within a week.

  • BNB surpassed SOL, ranking 4th on CoinMarketCap.


  • This week, Solana didn't hold up against the market, dropped 20%, but it later rebounded to its prior levels.

Increased oversight by the SEC 

SEC requests an extra $158M from federal budget to police crypto’s ‘Wild West’

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is asking Congress for an extra $158million from the federal budget next year to address “significant growth and change in our markets,” including the “Wild West of the crypto markets.”

The SEC’s March 11 Congressional Budget Justification — a document that outlines its budgetary needs for the upcoming 2025 fiscal year — is requesting $2.594 billion for 2025 — up from $2.436 billion it requested in 2024.

“Technology is rapidly transforming our markets and business models,” SEC Chair Gary Gensler wrote in the 148-page document that outlined its need for the money and included its performance report for last year.

Multiple Airdrop Distributions

Airdrop from Polyhedra for CYBER stakers 

Here are the stats at listing time:

  • ZK Price: 3$

  • Minimum amount of drops: 1.4 ZK

  • Minimum costs: Stake 10 CYBER($120)

  • Average profit of users: +3%

  • This is only 1 of 4 airdrops.

  • Outcome details for the upcoming airdrops will be shared later.

  • By staking CYBER for airdrops you also get 195% APR👇

  • If you want grab 3 additional airdrops while staking CYBER, check the link👇


Nim Rolldrop:

If you are DYM staker, then you eligible for airdrop

Check here 👉 https://claim.nim.network/claim

Airdrop for Stakers is allocated 5% of the total $NIM token supply. Another 4% is allocated to gaming and NFT communities. 

Read more

Airdrop from BNBchain:

If you've interacted with those 7 protocols before March 19, you're eligible to claim the Airdrop👇


  • WEB3GO






Level 1 Requirements:

Level 2 Requirements:

Claim Airdrop here

Upcoming Airdrops


Project with mention from OKX and Binance

  • First post from Grass: Apr 6, 2023

  • Mention about 'Touching Grass' from Binance: 

  • 3 Mention before and after the launch: 13

  • Mention about 'Touching Grass' from OKX:

  • 0 Mention before and after the launch: 13

Grass, initially a network for decentralized Internet bandwidth sharing, is evolving into a Layer 2 on Solana with a 1 million transaction capacity.

Polychain Capital, Tribe Capital, Mozaik Capital, and others have invested $4.5 million in the project.

Step-by-Step guide:

1. Sing up

2. After registration, you need to click the "Connect" button

3. Install the browser extension

4. Log in to browser extension

  • Points will be farmed only when the computer is turned on and the site is not closed, it is not necessary that it is on the screen

  • The browser extension prevents the site's tab from being minimized to the background.

  • For airdrop eligibility, ensure your tab remains open for over 100 hours.

  • Season 3 of the farm concludes on April 9.

  • If you have another device connected to another network, you can farm from two devices at the same time

Details on the screenshot👇


  • With an account with 1 networks, you farm 2,000 points daily, valued at $50.

  • With an account with 2 networks, you farm 4,000 points daily, valued at $100.

Points are already traded and you can sell them on Whales Market


No rewards for these quests have been confirmed yet, but they're likely to significantly influence the potential airdrop.

ORCMarket Airdrop:

If you minted any inscriptions on Bitcoin you might be eligible for the $POI airdrop

The following criteria apply:

  • Inscribed any inscription.

  • Valid range: #0 to #734999999

  • The genesis allocation for each inscription is 210 $POI

Claim Airdrop here


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